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Episode 61 - So you think you’re Brad Pitt?

Episode 61 - So you think you’re Brad Pitt?

January 29, 2021

In this weeks snow-tinged smorgasbord of wargaming and painting chitchat the team wrap up warm in their eskimo boots to cover topics as diverse as painting horses, working out the best rules mechanics for simulating uncontested airport construction on Indian Ocean Islands, toss out a rare wargaming-related namecheck for Canadian songstress Shania Twain, take in some single file wargaming with Osprey's latest title "Deep Jungle B-Road Warfare 1939-45", stage a vaguely useful segment on painting WW2 German tank cammo in 10mm scale, look far too deeply into Zvezda Zwiehander flag painting and how best to combine it with undercoating strategies for the undead, argue fiercely over the best paint to use for tank track colours of the Wermacht, witness a fleeting return of the gold undercoating strategy, untether the MicroSol / Microset debate from reality, decide to let Adam's wife resolve the timeless Hobgoblin or Spitfire debate and chunter on for far to long as to whether weather rules are worth bothering with in wargames rules.

There is of course also Andy's Quiz, and, more importantly, Andy's Quiz Music as well 

Episode 60 - Goes Well with Yorkshires

Episode 60 - Goes Well with Yorkshires

January 22, 2021

With UK Lockdown III in full effect, and seemingly due to continue well into March (at best), the Lockdown Podcast team are reassembled in a sequel that no-one was clamouring for.

Fear not however - in the 6 weeks since December 11th (when the last Lockdown Pod was published) the intrepid 7 have gained absolutely nothing in terms of insight, polish, erudition or knowledge worth sharing, and so this landmark 60th episode of the Madaxeman Podcast carries on pretty much exactly where the last one left off.

In this week's new year smorgasbord of wargaming irrelevance we share the shocking truth about Lord Cadbury's little-known role as Charlton Heston's stunt double during the Spanish Reconquista, speculate on how much more popular chess might be if only someone would increase the "luck" element of the game, reveal the surprisingly shallow depths of knowledge we all possess in relation to South American riverine warfare in the 19th Century, debate whether the Landesnechts dressmaker used an Excel spreadsheet, and - most importantly - talk at quite some length indeed about Yorkshire Puddings.

There is also the return of Andy's Quiz, including some month-old answers and some fresh new questions, the regular painting and gaming chit-chat, and a well-worth-waiting-for "out-take" to listen to after the credits roll. 

We're here every week - until someone lets us out. 


List Building for Justinian Byzantines in ADLG

List Building for Justinian Byzantines in ADLG

January 16, 2021

The first Byzantine (or perhaps the last "Roman") list in ADLG's roster of armies is one which covers some of the Empires greatest victories, and which spans the career of one of their greatest generals, Belisarius. 

But despite that historic success the Justinians are often overlooked, especially when set against other, later Byzantine lists which can be stuffed with many more interesting wargamer-friendly exotic troop types! This video podcast seeks to redress that balance a little, digging into what on the surface can look like the slim pickings of choice in the Justinian list. 

As usual I'm joined by Richard and Dave as we look at 4 separate Justinian lists, all quite different in their utilization and design, as well as delving into the military history of this "last of the Romans" army before finally taking a quick trot through the many different options for buying the right figures to build your own army on the tabletop. 

This podcast is also available as a video podcast with images of Byzantine figures on the Madaxeman YouTube Channel, and there is also a pre-set battle featuring two of the lists available on Tabletop Simulator that you and a friend can play them against each other and compare them in action yourself! 


The lists featured in this video can be found on the Madaxeman ADLG Wiki.

List Building for Camillan & Republican Romans in ADLG

List Building for Camillan & Republican Romans in ADLG

January 12, 2021

Featuring highly on anyone's "first army to collect" shopping list, the Camillan and Republican Roman armies always seem to flatter to deceive.

The legendary Legions provide a powerful core to the army, but the relative paucity of support troops and the seemingly unavoidable need to go infantry-first in any design can make these challenging lists to construct and play with succesfully.

This ADLG listbuilding podcast helps you face that challenge head-on as I'm joined again by Dave Saunders & Richard Case to look at 3 different ways of constructing, deploying and playing each of these two lists, as well as having a quick canter through a bit of their history as well.

All 6 lists are posted on the ADLG Wiki on, and the video version on YouTube also features loads of photos of Roman figures in 15mm from the Madaxeman Photo Gallery.


List Building for Hoplite Armies in ADLG

List Building for Hoplite Armies in ADLG

January 6, 2021

Despite being very much the textbook Classical era warrior, Hoplites often suffer from being the baseline 'man with sharp stick' troop-type who's battlefield capabilities underpin a vast array of far more interestingly-armed and equipped infantrymen in the troop-type taxonomy of ADLG, and indeed in many other previous rulesets as well. 

This ADLG Listbuilding Podcast seeks to pan for gold amongst the broken pottery shards of Greek military history, and in so doing possibly tease out a few different ways of cooking up interesting and viable Hoplite-led army lists to use when playing ADLG in the Classical era.

Regular contributors Dave & Richard are here to take up the challenge as we set ourselves the task of building an array of different lists, all featuring a minimum of 12 Classical-era Hoplites, as well as discussing a bit of the history (real and "ancients-gaming") of the archetypal Hellenistic warrior.

This video is also available as a Video podcast (with pictures of figures) on the Madaxeman YouTube Channel.


(Museum Miniatures 15mm Hoplites from the Madaxeman Photo Gallery)

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