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List Building for Camillan & Republican Romans in ADLG

January 12, 2021

Featuring highly on anyone's "first army to collect" shopping list, the Camillan and Republican Roman armies always seem to flatter to deceive.

The legendary Legions provide a powerful core to the army, but the relative paucity of support troops and the seemingly unavoidable need to go infantry-first in any design can make these challenging lists to construct and play with succesfully.

This ADLG listbuilding podcast helps you face that challenge head-on as I'm joined again by Dave Saunders & Richard Case to look at 3 different ways of constructing, deploying and playing each of these two lists, as well as having a quick canter through a bit of their history as well.

All 6 lists are posted on the ADLG Wiki on, and the video version on YouTube also features loads of photos of Roman figures in 15mm from the Madaxeman Photo Gallery.


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