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List Building for Hoplite Armies in ADLG

January 6, 2021

Despite being very much the textbook Classical era warrior, Hoplites often suffer from being the baseline 'man with sharp stick' troop-type who's battlefield capabilities underpin a vast array of far more interestingly-armed and equipped infantrymen in the troop-type taxonomy of ADLG, and indeed in many other previous rulesets as well. 

This ADLG Listbuilding Podcast seeks to pan for gold amongst the broken pottery shards of Greek military history, and in so doing possibly tease out a few different ways of cooking up interesting and viable Hoplite-led army lists to use when playing ADLG in the Classical era.

Regular contributors Dave & Richard are here to take up the challenge as we set ourselves the task of building an array of different lists, all featuring a minimum of 12 Classical-era Hoplites, as well as discussing a bit of the history (real and "ancients-gaming") of the archetypal Hellenistic warrior.

This video is also available as a Video podcast (with pictures of figures) on the Madaxeman YouTube Channel.


(Museum Miniatures 15mm Hoplites from the Madaxeman Photo Gallery)

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