UA-5632417-2 Episode 61 - So you think you’re Brad Pitt?
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Episode 61 - So you think you’re Brad Pitt?

January 29, 2021

In this weeks snow-tinged smorgasbord of wargaming and painting chitchat the team wrap up warm in their eskimo boots to cover topics as diverse as painting horses, working out the best rules mechanics for simulating uncontested airport construction on Indian Ocean Islands, toss out a rare wargaming-related namecheck for Canadian songstress Shania Twain, take in some single file wargaming with Osprey's latest title "Deep Jungle B-Road Warfare 1939-45", stage a vaguely useful segment on painting WW2 German tank cammo in 10mm scale, look far too deeply into Zvezda Zwiehander flag painting and how best to combine it with undercoating strategies for the undead, argue fiercely over the best paint to use for tank track colours of the Wermacht, witness a fleeting return of the gold undercoating strategy, untether the MicroSol / Microset debate from reality, decide to let Adam's wife resolve the timeless Hobgoblin or Spitfire debate and chunter on for far to long as to whether weather rules are worth bothering with in wargames rules.

There is of course also Andy's Quiz, and, more importantly, Andy's Quiz Music as well 

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