UA-5632417-2 The Lockdown Specials - Part 19
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The Lockdown Specials - Part 19

July 31, 2020

19 weeks in and things are getting even more weird in the virtual Madaxeman Lockdown studio, as the regular team of 7 expands with a couple of pithy, succinct and historically accurate contributions from Mrs Andy in this weeks rambling episode. 


Mixed in amongst the usual melange of gaming- and painting-themed content the happy podcastonaughts today ponder whether it is fair to say that nude badgers are indeed living the dream, whether any 8th century axe-makers would have considered advertising through shirt sponsorship, if glueing a vibrating love egg into the two halves of a 28mm plastic horse is good for helping them not fall over on the tabletop, how many hussars would have taken part if McMafia had been filmed in Paris rather than London, if Ulrikakakaka Johnsson would have made a better chariot runner or charioteer archer, and whether El Dorado hops are actually a real thing or just a cunning ruse to make wannabe hipsters pay double price for a can of Stella Artois with a funny label stuck on it.


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