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Oh My Aachen Nuts!

May 12, 2022

A decidedly Carry On-flavoured episode title hides within it a pun-tastic "five-handed" episode this month/week, as we take you on a road trip the like of which has not been seen since the Blues Brothers set off for Chicago with half a tank of gas, two packets of cigarettes and their still-iconic-now Ray-Ban sunglasses all those years ago.

Our journey however thankfully avoids Dave and I duetting with Aretha Franklin and instead takes us through two world wars, a lot of stained glass, several centuries of Frederick Barbarossa's wedding gifting lists, 2 Sherman tanks, a castle on two rivers big enough to hold the entire Walloonian army (and then some), and some totally NUTS Belgian beer that you are served in, and have to drink from a ceramic WW2 US Paratroopers helmet (guess where folks...!).

Then, eventually and somewhat grudgingly we break from the travelogue to discuss playing ADLG in a castle on the Rhine at the recent Braubach tournament, then go on to cover Roll Call, the upcoming ADLG Worlds, go super-deep with some chubby printed 6-10-15mm Etruscans, build lamp-posts for Mega City One, cover ourselves in feathers as we don some Eagle Warrior Onesies with the Aztecs, and of course end by hitting up a Eurovsion-themed version of Andy's Quiz. 

There is also a bit of a gauntlet-laying-down challenge for all of our listener(s) this week. Let's just say that if any of you believe that you have been for a beer in in the ropiest bar in Belgium, well, I'm afraid we have some news for you...


A Ropier Den of Iniquity you will not find

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