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The North Macedonia All Stars

March 31, 2022

In this March & April episode the full suite of seven engage in an unexpected discussion comparing Warlord and GW's "Contrast"/ "Speed" paints that occasionally veers into actual proper wargaming podcast territory at times. Keeping with this unusual approach there is also a bit of a chat about 3D printing and the gentle wave of retirements washing across the traditional manufacturers and retailers in the historical space, and what that may mean for the hobby in the short and medium term.

Fortunately this proper content is more than counterbalanced by an episode of World of Wor-Wor-War Sports punditry and analysis as we are joined by Roy Keane, Micah Richards and Alan Hansen to try and predict the winners of the upcoming 15mm ADLG competition at Roll Call 2022. This segment starts around the 55 minute mark, in case you really don't want to hear us talking about painting, or indeed trying our hands at actual proper podcast-like stuff.

Finally, Andy's Quiz return with some answers from the distant past and a topical Russian Naval Disasters-themed set of questions for this week. 

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