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List Building for the armies of Britannia in ADLG

February 9, 2021

The Ancients Britons together with the Caledonians, Scots, Irish and Picts are armies that many wargamers will keep a special place for close to their hearts, but also which they will keep an equally special place for securely tucked away in the storage drawer as a result of their often underwhelming reputation on the tabletop.

In this Army List Building Podcast the regular team try and pick the juicy bits out of these two L'Art de la Guerre army lists 98 & 99, and in the process manage to come up with surprisingly varied set of approaches to help make viable and interesting lists from these oft-overlooked historical classics. 

We also take a quick jaunt through the history of the period, discuss the merits of the individual troop types which make them up, and speculate on why the lists have been organised as they are in the book. 

The army lists in this Podcast all appear on the Madaxeman website in the ADLG Wiki, and a video version of the podcast is also available on the Madaxeman YouTube channel complete with photos of relevant 15mm figures.


10mm Ancient British from Pendraken

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