UA-5632417-2 Episode 69 - Honey Badger Nonsense
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Episode 69 - Honey Badger Nonsense

March 5, 2021

This week we hit the not-quite-70 mark with a whole slew of actual proper wargaming podcast-type content, including a discussion about how to cheat when painting tartan, Danish infantry coat colours, whether hobbits featured in the ACW, as well as a first look at the new O Group rules, a quick flirt with how to make money selling rats on eBay, what basing might look like in ADLG v4, the merits of waterslide vs LBMS transfers, and a chat about how big Victrix horses (and specifically their arses) actually are.

Normal service is resumed however when we get onto the topic of identifying suspicious badgers when they are in ambush, in a section in which Adam uses his newfound knowledge of honey badgers to make his pitch to replace David Attenborough in the BBC presenter roster. We also discuss gearing up for competitions again, how to buy cycle wheels succesfully, whether "Tirpitzness" is best as an adjective or an adverb, and how to paint eyes on small scale figures. 

In our regular features this week I'm Sorry I Think You're an Arse features a fully motivated Adam as he approaches the delicate subject of "wargames figure scales" with much the same finesse as a WW2-vintage M16 quad 20mm AA half track brings to the art of making an omlette..

The aftermath then leaves Andy's Quiz somewhat floundering as a quivering wreck on the floor, with Andy barely capable of coming up with a subject matter for this week's question. Instead he simply mutters the gnomic phrase "Words" before sloping off back into his techno dungeon in the heart of the French undergound Le Disco scene once again.


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