UA-5632417-2 Episode 53 - The Price is Right, Come On Down!
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Episode 53 - The Price is Right, Come On Down!

December 4, 2020

As the festive vaccination season looms large in the minds of wargamers around the world, the podcast team are back with all of the usual painting, gaming and Gallic techno-driven military themed obscure general knowledge to fill your early December weekends and evenings as well as another honest to goodness actual discussion about a topic which seems to be on everyone's Christmas list, why are wargamers more obsessed with the price of a figure than the quality? 

There's also a quick diversion into airbrushing, a cough-assessment section (no, not like that..), a fairly comprehensive listing of those world museums displaying collections of "stand alone" military legs, many admissions of accidental purchasing, and a lengthy almost-feature on how to make an old rusty skip look like an old rusty skip using hairspray and fake rubble. 

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