The Road Back from Campaign

May 13, 2017

In this episode I'm joined by Dave Dave and Aussie Simon as we talk about ADLG lists past and present, as well as some genereal rambling about FoGR and the surprising popularity of terrain mats among wargamers right now, especially as we are normally such a tight-fisted bunch of old gits. 

This episode was recorded quite literally on the road, using an iPhone 5 microphone - the audio is still pretty decent though, so don't be afraid!


Elephants & Tapas - live from the (tapas bar) table-top in Spain

December 5, 2016

In this episode the usual gang of inexpert commentators, me, Aussie Simon, Dave "The Cheese-Winner" Saunders and Peter "Midnight Streaker" Webb consume vino tinto, eat surprisingly spicy tapas and try and get to the bottom of the conundrum of how and why Elephants can sometimes appear to be wonder weapons in L'Art de la Guerre. There is probably a load of other stuff there too about how the event went, how to design an army, and whether national play styles really ar "a thing" - but you'll have to listen to find out! 


Dear Catastrophe Tapas Waitress

November 1, 2016

In this episode, recorded in the town square of Estella on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the Central London International Travelling ADLG Circus discuss the latest ADLG expedition - the games, the dice, the food, the drink and the sleepwalking nudity as well.  As we now say in the world of Spanish ADLG, "What's it to you?"  


Lara Croft’s Ring - The We’re On Our Way To Derby Episode

October 4, 2016 which me and Aussie Simon ("G'Day") witter on about why some rulesets have more longevity than others, why updates sometimes so and sometimes don't refresh a rules community, which armies we plan to lose with this weekend in the FoGR competition, and whether the M1 or M40 is the best way out of London at 6pm on  Friday night. 

(The Derby Ring Road has a road called Lara Croft Way, in case you were wondering...) 

Post Industrial Decay & Fruit-based drinks - ADLG at The Worlds in Charleroi

August 29, 2016

In this episode, recorded at the Le Shuttle terminal in Calais on the way back from The Worlds in Charleroi, Belgium, Dave & Tim discuss the hitherto unknown skills involved in ADLG list building, how post-industrial decay can, if carefully managed, become a tourist attraction, and whether fruit-based drinks are morally acceptable in modern society. 

Listen and learn how the 5-strong Central London team managed just 8 wins in 30 games whilst playing L'Art de la Guerre in a pizza oven next to one of Europe's leading budget airline hubs.  

Episode 7 - after the BHGS Challenge

June 23, 2016

Another post-event podcast with special guests "Aussie" Simon, "Wins everything tries" Pete, and Dave "Call me Dave" Dave as we head our way back from the 2016 BHGS Challenge

In this fascinating episode recorded whilst the memory of the weekend was far more fresh than our rather sweaty post-gaming clothing, we discuss the games we played during the weekend, briefly mention the curry we ate (at Cinnamon in Wheatley, Oxon) and then chunter on about L'Art de la Guerre a bit more. 

After the Campaign is done…

May 8, 2016

In this episode 2/3 of Team Central London Mediocre and 1/3 of Central London Even More Mediocre are driving home from Campaign in Milton Keynes, when we get to talk about the joys of 28mm plastic soldiers, playing the English Civil War in a theme where 4 (erm, surely just two?) armies are allowed, and generally whether bigger is in fact always better when it comes to boys toys.  

This 30 minute chunter down the M1 also features Aussie Simon ("G'day") and, for the first time, Coughing Dave. 


“What’s in the Bag?” The Salute 2016 Podcast!

April 22, 2016

In this episode I'm joined by Ian, Gavin, Jeavon, John and Stan all from Central London Wargames Club in a "straight to live" recording made in the beer garden of the Fox pub at the ExCeL Centre, London. 

Admittedly this is not the most salubrious of locations, however Audacity software has managed to iron out most of the background noise making this a pretty solid podcast recorded live in the Fox, which this particular weekend has been the resting place for weary and thirsty gamers escaping from the mega-show that was Salute! 2016.
In this episode I ask the question "What's in the Bag?" of all of my guests, and with some added liquid lubrication the discussion then rambles onto subjects as diverse as the pricing of 15mm figures, packaging strategies (blister pack or baggie?), how much would you pay for a boardgame if you lived on a submarine, and just how many 1/3000th scale ships are "too many"?

To get the full experience I recommend that it may be best to have at least 3-4 pints yourself before tuning in ! 

Curry & Dice with Adam & Tim - Game 4

March 26, 2016

A Podcast with commentary from Adam & Tim on the 2016 Burton Doubles L'Art de la Guerre event. 

This time its a Roman vs Parthian battle.

The podcast accompanies the match reports on where you can see the pictures that Adam & Tim are describing.

Curry & Dice with Adam & Tim - Roman Civil War!

March 25, 2016

Game 3 at Burton, and a Roman Civil War for Adam & Tim at the 2016 Burton Doubles L'Art de la Guerre event. The podcast accompanies the match reports on where you can see the pictures that Adam & Tim are describing.